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HarmonMedia has been helping people and businesses establish and maintain their web presence since 1998. We offer web design, data programming, social media services and quality design for print. One of our founders helped build one of the web's most successful advertising companies, Ad Sense (now part of Google), as well as other companies in the Web and mobile industries.
HarmonMedia automates social media updates and powers more than half a million content and commerce instances reaching more than 5 million people per month across all social media. Our solution saves clients money while expanding their pool of social opportunities for their content and commerce. More than 95% of these instances are opportunities that never would happen without HarmonMedia's solution.
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Take advantage of our Social Promotion Package and help build yourself a positive identity on the Web!


Social Promotion Automation Package:

  • Auto posting to Facebook/Twitter and more...
  • We post any awards you've earned to Social Media
    and check your business for Top Rated Web-Wide status
  • Monitor your Social standing and suggest actions
  • Help correct false postings
  • "Front of Mind" postings to social media to keep your brand on peoples minds

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